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Coco Palms Resort will boast 350 rooms, 12,000 square feet of retail space, meeting and wedding venues, a main hotel restaurant as well as grab-and-go food, three swimming pools, leisure areas and a four-acre cultural center. 


We are now closer than ever to restoring this majestic property to it's former glory. When Coco Palms reopens in 2018, this 74-acre legendary vacation destination will be the ULTIMATE place to plan your next Kauai vacation.

Travelers who will enjoy their stay the most will be those looking to soak up the sense of place provided by the physical location, cultural dynamics, storied past, relaxing vibe and chance to experience some adventure along the way.

With a remembrance to the classic style of Coco Palms, the renovation and reopening of private bungalows will showcase spacious rooms, creative textiles, and the most modern of amenities. A stay at Coco Palms will be a blend of the contemporary and the classic for a unique experience of its own.


The Royal Coconut Coast encompasses the beautiful east side of Kauai. From uncrowded beaches, lush green mountains, consistently warm weather, and boutique store fronts, you can discover your Kauai dream vacation along this popular destination.  

Take a relaxed tour of the east side by bike. With over 7 miles of easy riding you can find secluded beaches, enjoy local shops and dining, and take things at your own pace utilizing our complimentary beach cruisers. Rent a kayak from one of the many vendors in town and explore Wailua River's journey into the valley while looking for waterfalls.

If relaxation is more your style, the stunning Wailua beach access is a stones throw away from Coco Palms, and the perfect destination for a carefree afternoon.

Located oceanfront in Kapa'a, hailed the Royal Coconut Coast of Kauai.  



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