Sea Shell


The rebirth of another iconic Kauai establishment, the reopening Sea Shell Restaurant is also coming soon.


Overlooking the beautiful Wailua Bay, the renewed Sea Shell Restaurant will be Kauai's newest restaurant by acclaimed Chef Jean-Marie Josselin. Sure to appeal to Coco Palms' visitors and residents of Kauai alike, Chef Josselin's culinary craftsmanship and pacific fusion menu will combine the tastes of Kauai with the elegance of fine dining. The restaurant is set to reopen early 2020.


"Twenty to thirty years ago, if was really difficult to find fresh produce, but now it's not a luxury anymore - it's a necessity" 

A James Beard Award nominee, Chef Jean-Marie Josselin is an established leader in Hawaii regional cuisine and fondly known for his fresh and vibrant dishes.  His career has spanned over three decades and he has held executive positions in acclaimed restaurants throughout the United States and boasts multiple successful restaurants of his own in the mainland and across the Hawaiian Islands.  No stranger to Coco Palms, Chef Josselin was the executive chef of the original Seashell Restaurant in 1988.  Today he returns to his roots to lead the team behind the rebirth of this iconic and beloved restaurant.


Farm-to-Table featuring ingredients grown at Coco Palms

With a want and need greater than ever to be food independent, Coco Palms and Chef Josselin have teamed up in an effort to support local farms and to utilize the amazing and abundant property for providing the freshest ingredients. With a desire for the highest quality and supporting the community, the Seashell will bring more than just a great taste.


Taste & Environment like no other restaurant on Kauai

Featuring unobtrusive views of one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, the location of this iconic restaurant is enough to beckon the masses. These magical surroundings paired with the leadership and award-winning menus of Chef Josselin, a meal at the Seashell will be sure to satisfy all of your senses.