Kauai Wedding Tips



1. Lighting is everything. Do not book a shoot mid-day, because the lighting is directly above and can often be harsh.

2. Color is key. Making sure there are contrasting colors to make the white wedding gown pop, or to make sure the black tux doesn't get lost is important.

3. Location, location, location. Whether you're shooting on the beach or in the Coconut Grove of Coco Palms Resort, the location helps to tell a story. Selecting what kind of image you want to portray is important when capturing this memory.

4. Love lives. Being in the moment with your significant other is important. Sometimes you have to forget there is a camera, and get lost in each other.

5. Golden rule. One tip many videographers forget about is that exterior noise can affect your wedding video. Requesting that guests turn off their phones or electronics (ipads, etc.) can control exterior noise caught on tape during a ceremony or speech.