"It was my Grandmother’s cooking that inspired me to be a chef... She instilled a passion in me that slowly grew to become a lifetime passion and a lifetime profession. In France I learned to developed a close bond with the environment and nature and to celebrate the diversity of the vegetable garden in the food that I am cooking today. Another major influence on my cooking style is Japanese cooking with a deep respect of the seasons, tradition, having perfect harmony and obtaining a sense of balance... It is in Hawaii that I developed my cooking style, and our menu reflects an unlimited range of fresh organically grown ingredients, fresh caught fish and ingredients inspired by our multi ethnic community."


A contemporary Kauai experiance

Join us for dinner at Sea Shell

The Sea Shell restaurant will be opening before the final re opening of Coco Palms resort. 

Farm to table with ingredients grown on Coco Palms property.

With a want and need greater than ever to be food independent, Coco Palms and Jean Marie have teamed up in an effort to support local farms and to also utilize the amazing and abundant property for growing food served. With a desire for highest quality, to supporting the community, the Sea Shell will bring more than just a great taste.

Taste & Environment like no other restaurant on Kauai

With one of the most beautiful beaches on the island its easy to find yourself at the Sea Shell upon its doors opening again. With pristine sunrises, gorgeous days, and romantic sunsets the Sea Shell truly will be a Kauai experience to have.