A place of History, Character, and Orginality.

The Coco Palms Resort is located in Wailua on the island of Kauai. With the largest river in the state of Hawaii a stones throw away, awe inspiring view's of Mount Waiʻaleʻale, and long stretched yellow sand beaches its easy to see why Coco Palms makes for such a legendary resort. Its long standing history from being one of the first and largest coconut groves in the state, to the living stories that now reside in the grove after the coconut planting ceremonies, Coco Palms truly is a experience you can feel.

Formerly the home of Kauai’s last queen, Deborah Kapule Kaumuali’i. Queen Kapule was known for her aloha spirit and hospitality with inviting guests over to her hale (home).

In the year 1953, Coco Palms opened under the legendary management of Grace Guslander. Soon attracting celebrities visiting the Hawaiian Islands, including Bing Crosby, Liberace, Gene Autry, Frank Sinatra, and Duke Kahanamoku. A long honored sustainability ceremony was started early on at Coco Palms, with many famous guests planting coconut trees that still stand to this day.



In 1961 the Coco Palms Resort was featured in the Elvis Presley movie, Blue Hawaii, which depicted some of the Resort’s traditional Hawaiian activities such as the torch-lighting ceremony and conch shell blowing to signal the start of a luau feast. In the film’s final scene, Elvis famously serenades his bride with the Hawaiian Wedding Song as the couple ride a flower-adorned double-hulled canoe through the resort lagoon to the wedding chapel. After Blue Hawaii, the Coco Palms Resort became a desired wedding destination for couples that can’t help falling in love.


Today, the Coco Palms Resort is being restored to its former glory and improved upon with updated rooms, amenities, and attractions. The Coco Palms Resort continues to honor the tradition and legacy of Hawaiian culture and history, while allowing visitors to experience the features of Wailua and beauty of Kauai.


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